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Helicopter: Hill Rescue Op


Get ready to start a flying adventure with the newest thrilling addition to helicopter rescue games and hill station games. Those who love playing rescue helicopter games and rescue games will definitely love to play this helicopter hill rescue game. Explore the skies and test your skills to their limits, as you take the wildest helicopter hill rescue ride. Get ready for the newest sensation of performing challenging missions in the helicopter rescue games section. With this latest hill station games you will experience some new and upgraded helicopter simulator controlling experience. Time to showcase your extreme pilot skills in HELICOPTER: HILL RESCUE OP, the finest fusion of rescue helicopter games and rescue games in play store!This is a unique kind of helicopter rescue game in which our goal is to complete thrilling helicopter rescue operation missions and save civilians. Get ready to pilot your rescue helicopter, and search for injured civilians in the dangerous snowy alpine areas. In the beginning, you’ll have to start flying the rescue helicopter towards the scene of the incident. Once the rescue helicopter reaches the scene, it will stop on a highlighted spot above the mountains. We will show that a person is standing on the mountain waiting for our rescue helicopter. Once the helicopter is on the highlighted spot, a button will appear on the screen. The user will press that button and a ladder will come out of the helicopter. If the helicopter will collide with any other mountain or object it will crash and the game will be over. An animation will run and the person will start climbing the ladder. Once the person has climbed the whole ladder and gone inside the helicopter, the level will be completed. In some levels, the rescue helicopter will also take the injured civilians to the nearest hospital. And in some levels, the rescue helicopter will get the chance to save drowning people from the sea.Experience the great spirit of helicopter hill rescue in one of the modern rescue helicopter games. So, come and start an incredible journey with electrifying rescue missions in the finest rescue games. Get your hands on one of the best helicopter rescue games and hill station games for Android. Don’t miss this golden chance to download HELICOPTER: HILL RESCUE OP and enjoy rescuing citizens from different catastrophic situations.